A different kind of movie question

Which movies surprised you? You had zero expectations, watched them, then liked them a LOT more than you ever thought possible?

I’m not asking for a favorite (more on that in future musings), but instead, which ones ended up as “kinda” favorites because you had no expectations from them in the first place and ended up pleasantly (maybe more than pleasantly) surprised?
I have a couple, off the top of my head.

  • Something to Talk About. My wife and I saw this one in theaters back in 1995. I admit, it looked like a chick flick and maybe it is. But it’s one of those that now when it’s on cable, I will probably watch it, or at least several minutes of it. For me, Kyra Sedgwick stole that movie from the rest of that wonderful cast.

  •  Just Friends. Okay, in full disclosure, this one is way more of a pleasant surprise for me. I love this movie. I remember the moment my wife and I saw this movie trailer on TV in 2005. I looked at her and said something along the lines of “That movie looks awful. I like Ryan Reynolds but that movie looks awful.” I was wrong. A person’s sense of humor can be a tough thing to describe to other people, and I certainly expect others to not get this one. But this movie, the premise, the cast, the dialogue and the sight gags are funny to me. Anna Faris turns in a great supporting role, but nobody can deliver smart-assed dialogue like Ryan Reynolds. (Bonus for it being set at Christmas).

There are more that surely I will think of later (“Don’t call me Shirley”).


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