Top Five Beach Movies

Vacation (the movie and the event for my family) makes me think about my favorite beach movies. Yeah, I know Vacation  isn’t a beach movie, but it is a “vacation” movie and got me to thinking. This list pretty much covers all genres, which I kind of like.

5. Point Break. Sure, it’s an action movie. But it’s still a beach movie. Football on the beach with Patrick Swayze and Keanu “Quarterback Punk” Reeves. Most of the GenXers that I know love this movie. Bonus for the bad-assery of one Gary Busey.

4. Weekend at Bernie’s.  Did you really think I could keep this off the list? One of the dumbest plots ever that did enough business to allow for a sequel a few years later. Another GenX classic.

3. The Way Way Back. One of my new favorite movies. I just saw this a month or so ago and I’ve probably seen it three times now. I love coming-of-age stories, and to me this is one of the best. Plus it is set on the beach and as a bonus, a water park.

2. One Crazy Summer. John Cusack. Demi Moore. Haven’t seen it? Check it out. Bonus for a Murray brother appearance (Joel Murray).

1. Summer Rental. How do you not love this movie? John Candy. Richard Crenna. Rip Torn. John Larroquette. A Goonie. Anyone with a job can relate to John Candy’s attempts to de-stress while on vacation, only to seemingly stub his toe at every turn. Bonus for the best neighbors ever. “Those are fun for the whole family.”

Honorable Mention: Side Out. 

I’m sure I missed some obvious ones, but this list will have to do. Now I have to write something about favorite “vacation” movies.


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