One of my favorite scenes ever on TV

This is a scene that I have always remembered from the Roseanne show. I think it’s so well written and so well acted. It just feels genuine. Hats off to the writer or writers who wrote it and of course the acting seems spot on for two great performers.

Here is the clip.

Dan and his sister-in-law Jackie always had a complex relationship. Yes, she got on his nerves because she knew every struggle, every argument, every little detail of his life with Roseanne, but he obviously felt very protective of her over the course of the series. He even spent a night in jail after beating up one of her boyfriends who deserved it.

When the phone rings towards the end of the clip, and Dan pauses his phone call and shares his memory of first meeting Jackie, watch the look on her face. Priceless. And that grin on Dan’s face…

I don’t care what you think about the show, but this is good writing.



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