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Ready Player One trailer is here

I have this book ordered, finally. I have been meaning to read it for years. Supposedly full of pop culture references and the trailer for the movie did not disappoint.


Birthday reflections on music, movies, and books

I turned 44 a few days ago. No, I’m not depressed. Not at all. In fact I feel great about it. But it does seem appropriate to reflect a bit about these things that I blog about. Since it’s my blog about my experiences with pop culture, then today seems a good time for a State of the Union type of thing.  Continue reading

Stephen King movies

I can’t say I’ve read every book by Stephen King, but I do consider myself a fan. Same with movies based on his stories. My top three are Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and my favorite is Stand by Me. I love coming-of-age stories and Stand by Me is one of the best. This is from Rolling Stone and its readers.