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Ready Player One trailer is here

I have this book ordered, finally. I have been meaning to read it for years. Supposedly full of pop culture references and the trailer for the movie did not disappoint.


Summer Hits

With summer break almost here for school kids, I thought it would be fun to look back at the “summer hits” from when I was a teenager. I will work my way up through 1989, but first,  here are the summer hits of 1984, which was my first teenager year of listening to summer music (courtesy of

1. “When Doves Cry” – Prince And The Revolution
2. “Ghostbusters” – Ray Parker Jr.
3. “What’s Love Got To Do With It” – Tina Turner
4. “Dancing In The Dark” – Bruce Springsteen
5. “Stuck On You” – Lionel Richie
6. “Jump (For My Love)” – The Pointer Sisters
7 . “The Reflex” – Duran Duran
8. “State of Shock” – The Jacksons
9. “Eyes Without A Face” – Billy Idol
10. “Missing You” – John Waite

Do you like trivia? Well here ya go with some interesting notes about some of the songs: Continue reading

Birthday reflections on music, movies, and books

I turned 44 a few days ago. No, I’m not depressed. Not at all. In fact I feel great about it. But it does seem appropriate to reflect a bit about these things that I blog about. Since it’s my blog about my experiences with pop culture, then today seems a good time for a State of the Union type of thing.  Continue reading

Flashback to the music of 1984

Here are the top 5 songs from 1984.

1. Prince, When Doves Cry.
2. Tina Turner, What’s Love Got to do with It.
3. Paul McCartney/Michael Jackson, Say Say Say.
4. Kenny Loggins, Footloose.
5. Phil Collins, Against All Odds (Take a Look at me Now).

That was a big year in pop music and I have vivid memories associated with some of these songs. Continue reading

Three great “vacation” movies — all with one common thread

So after much discussion, I realized there are “beach” movies, my list from yesterday, but there are also “vacation” movies. This category opens up the possibilities immensely given that “summer camp” movies are in the mix (I’m talking to you Meatballs and Wet Hot American Summer). And my wife will tell you that Dirty Dancing damn sure belongs on a list about summer movies. Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Wil Wheaton

Happy Birthday today to Wil Wheaton. This guy is such an endearing figure to Gen Xers thanks to his brilliant performance in Stand by Me (1986) as Gordie Lachance, the main character in Stephen King’s coming-of-age story, directed by Rob Reiner. His portrayal as the forgotten child after his older brother is tragically killed is gut wrenching. My favorite scene in the movie is when his character has a silent encounter with a deer in the forest. What a powerful performance all around.

And, count me in as someone who loves his role on TV’s The Big Bang Theory. His interactions with Sheldon — comedy gold for me.

So happy birthday to Wil Wheaton, a GenX Cafe favorite — always.

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