Stephen King movies

I can’t say I’ve read every book by Stephen King, but I do consider myself a fan. Same with movies based on his stories. My top three are Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and my favorite is Stand by Me. I love coming-of-age stories and Stand by Me is one of the best. This is from Rolling Stone and its readers.

Flashback to the Cinema of 1983

Wow, the top box office earners from 1983 (credit to BoxOfficeMojo for the information) caused quite the smile from me when seeing some of these titles. First off, Return of the Jedi won the box office that year with over twice the business of its next closest competitor. Surprise anyone? Me neither. (Can we move on? I have plenty I can write about Star Wars movies in future posts). Continue reading

Flashback to the Cinema of 1982

A quick glance down the list of top movies from 1982 (thanks to Box Office Mojo) is quite the trip down Memory Lane. I picked 1982 because I knew what would be the number one movie, which was a big deal to most kids around my age back then. That’s right, our favorite Reece’s Pieces eating alien won the box office. Big time. Continue reading

A different kind of movie question

Which movies surprised you? You had zero expectations, watched them, then liked them a LOT more than you ever thought possible?

I’m not asking for a favorite (more on that in future musings), but instead, which ones ended up as “kinda” favorites because you had no expectations from them in the first place and ended up pleasantly (maybe more than pleasantly) surprised?
I have a couple, off the top of my head. Continue reading