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Three great “vacation” movies — all with one common thread

So after much discussion, I realized there are “beach” movies, my list from yesterday, but there are also “vacation” movies. This category opens up the possibilities immensely given that “summer camp” movies are in the mix (I’m talking to you Meatballs and Wet Hot American Summer). And my wife will tell you that Dirty Dancing damn sure belongs on a list about summer movies. Continue reading


Flashback to the Cinema of 1983

Wow, the top box office earners from 1983 (credit to BoxOfficeMojo for the information) caused quite the smile from me when seeing some of these titles. First off, Return of the Jedi won the box office that year with over twice the business of its next closest competitor. Surprise anyone? Me neither. (Can we move on? I have plenty I can write about Star Wars movies in future posts). Continue reading

A link for John Hughes fans

My original intent was to write about Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. But, I read Ebert’s Great Movies tribute to it and decided I really can’t add anything to what he mentions.

If you want to read it, here is the link. I hope it is “live.” Otherwise just paste it in I guess.