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Happy Birthday to Wil Wheaton

Happy Birthday today to Wil Wheaton. This guy is such an endearing figure to Gen Xers thanks to his brilliant performance in Stand by Me (1986) as Gordie Lachance, the main character in Stephen King’s coming-of-age story, directed by Rob Reiner. His portrayal as the forgotten child after his older brother is tragically killed is gut wrenching. My favorite scene in the movie is when his character has a silent encounter with a deer in the forest. What a powerful performance all around.

And, count me in as someone who loves his role on TV’s The Big Bang Theory. His interactions with Sheldon — comedy gold for me.

So happy birthday to Wil Wheaton, a GenX Cafe favorite — always.

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Stephen King movies

I can’t say I’ve read every book by Stephen King, but I do consider myself a fan. Same with movies based on his stories. My top three are Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and my favorite is Stand by Me. I love coming-of-age stories and Stand by Me is one of the best. This is from Rolling Stone and its readers.